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Vitamin K 100 mcg Tabs


Other names by which Vitamin K is known:
Phytonactone phylloquinone or (natural) = k1
Menadione (synthetic substance) = k3
Menoquinone (natural) = k2

RDA for adults:

1 microgram per kg
1 kg = 2.2046 pounds (2 pounds-plus)
Men: 80 mcg (Daily)
Women: 65 mcg (Daily)

Its Functions:

  • Blood clotting (to get a wound, in an operation ...)
  • Participates in the synthesis of a protein in the bones, to which are attached minerals that make bones grow or repair (such as calcium, for example) - (the protein osteocalcin is what makes this work).
  • Helps convert glucose (blood sugar) to glycógeno, which is the form that takes the glucose to be stored in the liver.

Deficiency Symptoms:

• Bleeding (internal or external)
• Hemolysis (red blood cells burst).
• Jaundicia: yellow skin due to a pigment of bile from the liver (bilirubin) is poured into the circulatory system (blood). When this pigment invades the brain (kernicterus) it causes brain damage.

People taking antibiotics and sulfa should take supplements of vitamin K, both drugs kill intestinal bacteria (bacteria of the "good") that synthesize (manufacture) Vitamin K in the intestines.


Hemophilia is a disease that causes bleeding but, it is by a genetic defect, not by lack of Vitamin K.

High doses of Vitamin K interferes with the effect of anti-coagulants (medicines to prevent blood clots).

Vitamin K is synthesized in the intestines but not in sufficient quantities to meet the demands of the organism. The remaining amount must provide the food we eat or supplements.

Do not take large doses of synthetic vitamin K during the last weeks of pregnancy because it may cause a toxic reaction in a newborn.

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