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Ab-Less (CLA conjugated linoleic acid ) 60 Softgels x 750mg.


The conjugated linoleic acid ingestion (ALC)SKU #52760 is able to reduce the corporal weight " “Several studies have put in evidence the capacity of the ALC to reduce the corporal fat, reason why the possibility has been considered of using linoleic acid supplements conjugated like treatment and prevention of the obesity ".

The conjugated linoleic acid (ALC) predominantly comes from products animals of the diet in humans. The ALC is produced by a bacterium pertaining to the animal stomach consumed by the man like the cattle, ovine and goat. The fat of milk, butter, and the cheese contain the greater concentrated amounts of ALC.

The study concludes that the natural dietetic supplement with ALC reduces the corporal fat in obese people with overweight or obese. They found a substance in the fat of the meat that resisted the cancer. The substance was identified like conjugated linoleic acid. ALC in their abbreviations in English consist of positional and geometric isomers of linoleic acid, which is in most animal products.

ALC a fat reducer and muscle creator. This substance has demonstrated to have effect in the corporal composition of corporal greasy minor and an increase of the corporal mass. The effect seems to be dice by an increase in the lipolysis in lipocytes along with an improvement in the fatty acid oxidation in muscular cells and adipocyte. Another study demonstrated that the ALC can have an anabolic effect avoiding lost of muscular mass due to the excess of training or disease.

The ALC properties are near the fish oil - Omega 3, but ALC is more powerful. The fish oil is cheaper, but the stimulating effect in hormones is limited by other fats, reason why this acts better when becoming a diet with low fat ingestion

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