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Zinc 100mg Tabs


Zinc 100 mg tablets (2 bottles x 60 tablets)

This essential mineral is important for the proper functioning of the prostate and reproductive organ growth. You can help prevent acne and regulate the activity of the fat glands. Is required for the synthesis of proteins and the formation of collagen (the connective tissue that helps heal the wounds) and to enhance the immune system and wound healing. Dr. Richard Wood, professor of the School of Nutrition at Tufts University in Boston, points out that when a person does not take in enough Zinc, the normal healing of wounds will delay. Zinc allows greater acuity of smell and taste. It protects the liver from chemical damage and is vital for bone formation. It is a constituent of insulin and many vital enzymes. It also helps in the fight and prevention of free radicals.

A sufficient amount and absorption of zinc is necessary to maintain the proper concentration of Vitamin E in the blood. Also, Zinc increases absorption of Vitamin A. For optimal health should achieve a balance between the Copper and Zinc at 1:10.

Zinc deficiency can result in loss of sense of smell and taste. It can cause weakening nails, acne, delayed sexual maturation, fatigue, retarded growth, hair loss, high cholesterol, impotence, poor night vision, susceptibility to infections, infertility, memory loss, diabetes, prostate problems, frequent colds, skin lesions and poor wound healing.

Zinc is found in many foods, among which include: brewer's yeast, fish, legumes, kale, edible seaweed, lamb, liver, mushrooms and others.

Zinc levels can be reduced by the occurrence of diabetes, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and consumption of fibers that cause this mineral is excreted through the intestinal tract. A significant amount of zinc is lost through sweat. The consumption of hard water can alter the levels of Zinc. If you take supplements of iron and zinc should do so at different times because they interfere with each other.

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